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ONce you are sad , go in there .

07/08/2010 | | 1 commentaire |

ONce you are sad , go in there .



Woke up this morning feeling empty,
Faster than fire, slower than standing,
So far from home on this endless road.
Blue horizon slices this workday dawn,
Vapour vortex trails my hellish journey,
Living in very long seconds on this plane.
Hours to go before I sleep with you again.


how you feel , the sad , the happy ?

To me , it was really depressive. It makes you thinking , who you are ? what you want ?

what can we do ? what the meaning of life ?

where is the heaven? where is the hell ?

where is my death grandpa?

the heaven?

yes , he must be , as he always can come to see me ,and say hello to me.

Go to sleep with smile, because I could meet him on the dream.


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  • par clemence 09/08/2010 Alerter

    Oh, I like it, a lovely poem !

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07/08/2010 | | 0 commentaire

A day in Beijing

 The day in beijing , a night with so many feeling .
Drunk with wind on the later night in the sweet.
dark and dark
you could hear nothing but
the voice of the The crow
they call what
the life , the beauty ,
the heave , the hell ,
You could not understand why,
why they are so dark ,
why they are so sad, ...

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